Featured Ships

Modern Cruise Ship, 1308/1308 Passengers
Stock No. S2359 / Year Built 1991
Estimated Sale Price: USD 45,000,000 (Bring Offers)

Available for Sale, or Charter

S2236 Cruise Ship For Sale or Charter Built 2000, 832 to 927 Passengers
 Cruise Ship, 832 / 927 Passengers
Stock No. S2136 / Year Built 2000
Estimated Sale Price: USD 40,000,000

Available for Sale, or Charter

Cruise Ship, 1,432/1,718 Passengers
Stock No. S2203 / Year Built 1999
S2509 Cruise Ship For Built 1997, 2117 Passengers
Cruise Ship, 2417 Passengers
Stock No. S2509  / Year Built 1997
Estimated Sale Price: USD 50,000,000 (Bring Offers)

Available for Sale - NEW LISTING

Estimated Sale Price: USD150,000,000 (Bring Offers)

Available for Sale

S2393 Cruise Ship For Sale Built 1990, 1442 to 1828 Passengers, 46811GT
Cruise Ship, 1828 Passengers
Stock No. S2393 Year Built 1990
Estimated Sale Price: USD20,000,000 (Bring Offers)

Available for Sale

Cruise Ship, 850 Passengers
Stock No. S2126 / Year Built 1965
Estimated Sale Price: USD14,000,000 (Bring Offers)

Available for Sale

Small Up-Scale Cruise Ship, 100/120 Passengers
Stock No. S2423 / Year Built 1990 - Refit 2013/2014
Estimated Sale Price: USD 10,000,000 (Bring Offers)
Price Reduced!

Available for Sale and Charter

Classic Cruise Ship, 412 Passengers
Stock No. S2402 / Year Built 1980
Estimated Sale Price: Bring Offers

Available for Sale

The following table lists our current inventory of CRUISE SHIPS and PASSENGER SHIPS, it can be sorted by any of the headings below, just click on the up and down arrow.  If the Stock Number is highlighted in BLUE, you can obtain additional information and a brochure of each ship, click on the Stock No., ie S2001 for example.

Ship Chartering

Ship Chartering


We offer all types of ship chartering,including full and part charters of passenger vessels and various types of commercial vessels.Our dedicated teams of charter brokers are available 24/7 to assist you in finding just the right vessel to suite your needs: Cruise Ships, RO/RO Passenger Ferries, Container Vessels and Bulk Carriers.


Ship Building


Our Project Management team can manage virtually all shipbuilding projects; from major maintenance/refit programs to the building of new vessels anywhere in the world.Based on our close relationships with the industries leading; marine architects and engineers, designers and shipyards, no job is too big, or too small, or too difficult.




We manage refurbishment projects of all sizes, from minor alterations to refurbishment of the entire ship.Our team of seasoned professionals have established relationships with industry experts that are able to deliver outfitting of the highest quality in a specified time and at a predetermined cost.

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