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Why Does Anyone Need An Accommodation Vessel?

DISASTER RELIEF VESSELS: On a weekly basis, we receive requests from disaster relief organization, governmental organizations and individuals to provide vessels to use as housing after hurricanes, earthquakes,floods, typhoons, etc.

WORKER HOUSING: Although construction projects last anywhere from a few months to several years, they are always in need of temporary housing for their workers. We have received requests to provide housing for several hundred to over ten-thousand workers in various locations such as the North Sea Wind Farms and the LNG construction projects in Louisiana. As a worker, would you rather be housed in a tent camp, or on an accommodation vessel with every amenity conceivable.

TEMPORARY HOUSING FOR REFUGEES AND THE HOMELESS: On a continual basis, we receive requests from municipalities around the World to provide accommodation vessels to house either refugees, or the cities homeless. Unfortunately, the refugee population is the result of international conflict such as the invasion of the Ukraine by Russia.

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